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Success Stories
   Success Story 1:

Kuzhanthai Therese is a widow. She has six children and all are married and settled. She is a coolie worker. She is a member of Semmeen JLG at Tharuvaikulam village. She obtained a loan of Rs.30,000/- from Virutcham Microfinance Limited, Thoothukudi Branch in the month of January, 2015. She purchased two goats with part of the loan money and spent the remaining funds for household expenses. The goats yielded four more kids.

After six months she sold all the four rams for Rs.5000/- each and for a total of Rs.20, 000/-. Then the two goats yielded another three kids, two male and one female. She sold the two grown up rams. She used the money on sale of rams to repay the loan. As she was going for coolie work, it was not difficult to repay the loan apart from taking care of her livelihood.

The members in her family use the milk from the goats. Now there are three grown up goats and four kids with her. The goats purchased out of the VML loan had strengthened the quality of life for the elderly woman.

   Success Story 2:

Mrs. Saraswathi is a widow and is the leader of Kasthuri JLGin South Authoor. There are 12 members in the JLG. She is an enterprising woman. She wanted to live on her own after all her children were married and settled. She started a firewood stall at South Authoor village in a small piece of land her husband had left.

Mrs. Saraswathi was in need of money for working capital of her fire wood stall. She found that many other members in her JLG were also in similar need of money for their various livelihood activities. As the JLG had already completed one cycle of loan from VML, Tiruchendur Branch (Now shifted to Sathankulam branch), She approached the Branch for the 2nd cycle of loan..

Virutcham Microfinance Ltd., sanctioned loan @ Rs.30, 000/- per client to all the clients as 2nd cycle of loan. With the loan money she purchased and stocked more firewood and it enabled increased sales. With the income from the stall she repays the loan promptly and also takes care of her livelihood needs on her own.

   Success Story 3:

Mrs. Rani is a member of Kadalpura Women JLG in Threshpuram, Thoothukudi Branch. Her husband is a fisherman. She has five children. Two of her daughters were given in marriage. A daughter is studying in college. Two sons are engaged in fishing activity.

Mrs. Rani is an entrepreneurial woman. She goes for selling fishes that her husband brings in the morning. She does cloth business in the afternoon. She purchases sarees in bulk and sells them to local women and collects the sales amount from the clients on weekly installment basis. The income from the cloth business enhances her family income.

The Kadalpura JLG approached Virutcham Microfinance Ltd for loan for various livelihood activities of the group members like, fishnet purchase, boat repairing, petty shop, cloth business shop etc. She obtained a loan of Rs.15,000/- from Virutcham Microfinance Ltd. With the loan money and the savings money available with her, she purchased cloth items required to sell for a month. She earns additional income from the cloth business. This additional income supports her to cover all livelihood expenses of her family, educational expenses of her daughter and repaying the loan installments to Virutcham Microfinance ltd.

   Success Story 4:

Mrs. M. Elizebeth is a member of Thendral Joint Liability Group at Nadu Nalumoolaikinaru in Mela Tiruchendur Panchayat. Elizebeth is a daily labourer. Her husband is a sick person and could not do any physical hard work. She has three children. She needed additional income to take care of livelihood of the family. She thought that she could rear a milch cow and earn additional income by selling milk. She had some savings but that was not enough to purchase a milch cow. As the other members in the JLG were also in need of money for various purposes, the Ffield Officer facilitated loan for the JLG with VML. All the members received loan @ Rs.15, 000/- per member.

Mrs. Elizebeth purchased a milch cow with the loan amount together with the savings amount available with her. The cow gives around 9 liters of milk per day. This helped the family earning an additional of income of Rs.6, 600/- per month. This additional income helped her fully to meet the livelihood expenses of the family and repaying the loan installments regularly. She is planning to purchase one more cow with 2nd cycle of loan after completing the current loan with VML.

   Success Story 5:

VML Sathankulam Branch is extending its services in Udangudi, Sathankulam and Tiruchendur Blocks in Thoothukudi District. After completion of the training the trained women were willing to carry out Bee keeping but due to lack of finance they were not able to start the business.

The Field Officer facilitated loan from VML for these women to start the business. 35 women started the business with the support of VML loan and avail supplementary income. The bee keepers formed a federation called “Vidiyal Women Honey producers’ Federation”. There are 415 members in the federation at present. The honey produced in the federation is sold in many places with the brand name of “Saral Naattu Thaene”. Thoothukudi District Collector and the NABARD officials visited the federation and appreciated the efforts. The beneficiaries thankfully remember the timely help of VML by extending micro credit.

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